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ERS Report Part 1 – Sept 5th

Dear all,

Chiesi´s Nordic Medical team is excited to be attending the ERS congress in Barcelona “live, in 3-D, face to face and IRL”! We are enjoying every part of it: the updates on latest achievements and discussions within the field of airway diseases, the amazing program, the possibility to catch up with collaboration partners, colleagues and friends, the unexpected conversations in long queues to the coffee machine or check-in counters, hurting soles of feet and not the least, the throwback to summer and sunshine (we are people from the Nordics addicted to light after all).
We hope you will enjoy reading our first update from the congress!

Barbara and the Nordic Medical team

ERS Report Part 2 – Sept 8th

Dear all
The ERS congress in Barcelona has come to an end. Whether you were attending it in person, solely digitally, completely emerged in the new era and “went hybrid”, or whether you did not have the chance to take part in the congress this time, Chiesi´s Nordic Medical team hopes you enjoy reading our newsletters. We are curious to hear your feedback!

Barbara on behalf of Chiesi´s Nordic Medical team